In the world… Nel mondo… Prin lume

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post:  English, Italian and Romanian languages

roll up sleeves my boy, and starting to do something,
said mom, wiping a hoary tear with a corner of headkerchief
Since then I have always rolled up their sleeves, the years, the distances, and I keep me of things and of words
trying to increase, but higher than the tear of mother I will never
because in it lurks the patience…
Patience that she forgot to give me in milk with deep wisdom…
now I’m wandering in the world with a brain with décolletage as an overwhelming Sahara…


Rimboccati le maniche ragazzo mio, e darti da fare qualcosa,
diceva mamma, asciugandosi una lacrima canuta con un angolo di sciarpa
Da allora ho sempre rimboccati le maniche, gli anni, le distanze e mi tengo le cose, le parole
cercando di crescere, ma superiore alla lacrima di madre non potrò mai arrivare
Perché in…

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We need a new social vision – part one… Occorre una nuova visione sociale… Trebuie o viziune socială nouă

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian languages

Noting the continuing deterioration of society, hypocrisy of systems of states and serious social issues, I have come to the conclusion that education is the root of evil.
Corruptions, the decision making in the state and the use of state money for the foreign interests of the people, intolerance, indifference to values, the fierce battle to get the money, then, for wasting money on silly trifles, crime, wars, economic disparities, hunger, any other bad, are starting by education.
Why in no country of the world, to the children are not taught in schools profound knowledges of moral, of true financial knowledges, criminal law, knowledges of languages other than those of the exchange, the so-called spiritual languages?
Since the systems of the State are designed to operate beyond the man, ignoring anything besides to their existence of systems. Under the hypocritical justification of safeguard…

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