carousel inverted… un carosello ribaltato… caruselul răsturnat…

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian languages

a hoary butterfly on the shell of moment
is resting to his soul, supported by a pestle

it rains foolish, shortly, descends paper kites
among branches slim, barely gives the bud

the perspectives are twisted like a haulm too from much sun
I am the picking, in the hard verb of autumn

I breathe cubical air, such as sugar from grandparents
and I sing of immortality in window… cleaned by fears…

this landscape… is between worlds, as I sit…
or between seasons, who fell in masticator

is a sign that a the big longing
has the clogged chimney of my mind, and trajectory of veins

a mixture of confusing and conflicting states
break the little peace obtained by my frequent death

a carousel inverted in heaven and overturned here
spins the blue apple, where I am worm impetuous and worthy

I want all…

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the coiled cube… il cubo a spirale… cub spiralat

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian languages

I have discovered a new therapy of the crisis:
the play an imaginary light on things, on shapes,
obtaining symbolic meanings

In the first, occurs with a simulator
you take a cube and breaks down in one dimension
imitating the suffering
shades obtained are tested on the spirals, spiral chaotic

the irony of fate, say, actually accepted
this at home or this community where you’re forced
to see the normality it tapering
almost disappears idea of object
and stay healed by the absence of any thing you want

Ugh, the symbols can be self-sufficient …but the light
you can not invent it out of thin air
So the game is finally only an optical illusion….


Ho scoperto una nuova terapia di crisi:
il gioco di una luce immaginaria sulle cose, le forme,
ottenendo significati simboliche

In prima, si verifica con un simulatore

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