carousel inverted… un carosello ribaltato… caruselul răsturnat…

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian languages

a hoary butterfly on the shell of moment
is resting to his soul, supported by a pestle

it rains foolish, shortly, descends paper kites
among branches slim, barely gives the bud

the perspectives are twisted like a haulm too from much sun
I am the picking, in the hard verb of autumn

I breathe cubical air, such as sugar from grandparents
and I sing of immortality in window… cleaned by fears…

this landscape… is between worlds, as I sit…
or between seasons, who fell in masticator

is a sign that a the big longing
has the clogged chimney of my mind, and trajectory of veins

a mixture of confusing and conflicting states
break the little peace obtained by my frequent death

a carousel inverted in heaven and overturned here
spins the blue apple, where I am worm impetuous and worthy

I want all…

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