the absurd game

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian languages

If the Sun does would not take sometimes a certain distance
would not snowing never
If he they would leave it expected… over white the full…
may be or come not may more, same, it would be ,,The later” accomplished
Thus, my lady,
the measure to things… not are we
we do not know to hold us the hands without hold hands…
we not know how us we whisper, because the whisper scream in us
we do not know to kiss us, we make it …almost
we do not know how to separate us, with joy typical of the those who love
we know, oh, how we know, to wait, wait and wait…
unspoken promises, baking torment , deliverance…
we know the deceit, and him also, know on we by memory,
If we could see the real distance between us
us we’ll be…

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