Who I am

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian languages

Please, someone to introduce me with me, I do not more know myself
Who I am among all these many “I”, who am I without the body?
Who’s the body when I often go away from him?
hey, silence – I say to themselves “I” – do not you push yourself so
One day you will find the door locked, the door-non-door…
– But, now, I wonder, who writes here? I being learned to be just that reads
someone please let me introduce myself: thank you – happy to meet you / unhappy, thrilled / ex thrilled…


Vi prego di farmi qualcuno conoscenza con me, io non mi conosco più
chi sono io tra tutti questi tanti “io”, chi sono io senza il corpo?
Chi è il corpo quando spesso vado via da lui?
ehi, silenzio – dico io agli stessi “io”…

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