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(il pittore delle ferrari – Modena Italia)

The sky looks like a baby’s cheek; the air sings slowly, the life vibrates,
a vision of new moves me the day, behold, it is Spring
from my heart gushes myriad of foals and soles surpass me wandering
every muscle is restless, tense to the imminent start –
I’m in the middle of the facts: by plowing acres of pages
Then, the seeding of countless letters and feelings
once in a while I will watering the fields with tears and wine
And on the day of harvest, I will call only ye …because the gift
does not make sense to do it for myself, it would be like a flower sniffing a flower,
a bread would eat a bread, do you understand now?


Il cielo sembra una guancia del bambino, l’aria canta piano, la vita vibra,

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