unhappened war

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian languages

Text created by Anca Cecilia Potinteu and Valeriu dg Barbu

Thoughts numb in their shells, you and I, standing vigil
Something is about to happen … – words have polished their armor…
You might even think that we prepare for the final war…
we come against one another,
but, the spheres in which we breathe do not touch between them
No one dares to attack…
In the basaltic background, Mountains, in a tense waiting
to be invited to the banquet of words – they already see as the winners…
We sit back to back, you begin to count…
and each one moving away in the rounded silence, losing string of digits, the steps
The mountains hide the secret, love hermit, climbing to the pinnacles…


la guerra non successa
Testo creato da Anca Cecilia Potinteu e Valeriu dg Barbu

Pensieri intorpidite nel loro guscio…

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