The war of this present

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian languages


In past centuries, there was no generation without participating in the war. The war was a job, a duty and an obligation to the people.

Today, instead of war are: the struggle of everyone against everyone, and especially against himself; the struggle of the pharmaceutical industry to invent new diseases, then, on the expense of the people, always pretend they that make the healing; the struggle of the producers of consumer products to put chemicals in products in order to profit; the entertainment industry, of mass manipulation, minimizing education of the children and, even more fierce, the battle on the roads, where the man and the vehicle appear to be in a cruel war, the machines killing thousands of people every day.
The fight even more ugly is between the elected and the electorate, the elect are unpunished for their decisions chosen againstโ€ฆ

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