The tamer of the fears

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian languages

I, educated in the filters of a confused era, learned to calculation and forecasts,
with my spirit of modern Judas
for how much you I could sell, Jesus, today?
Thirty taxable coins, more?
cocks will get to sing the third time until
to say that I have no idea who you are? …to say that I do not know who I am?
How many from the lives out of the seven, from chest of bronze, sometime real
I am willing to renounce on road of evil stones?…
the lookout for you, without guarantees and certainties certified by custom miracles…
in your kingdom the words not have the lips and ears
the trade language appropriated through injection
directly into the vein of my time, is incomprehensible up there
If I exist, and scientifically it would seem so,
in vain I search, blind, the first…

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