We are still cavemen

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian languages

There comes a time of vengeance,
when the soles of the grass tramples on our chest
There comes a time when flowers bite our face, snatching chaotic
When the birds flapping their wings much wider stealing the air
When light bypasses the our irises and the sound of our voice
it smash implosive, not reaching beyond
And we feel a useless state of restlessness, desires, regrets…
because we have not loved every blade of grass as if it were our son
each flower such as a lover, every bird such as a promise, an aspiration…
There comes a time in which the time, he has no time for us …Look,
It is spring, revives all around, but
we do not have the time for … nonsense … we are concerned with groping
into the impetuous caves within ourselves


Siamo ancora cavernicoli

Arriva il…

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