A satellite of the absence

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian languages

I am trapped in a shell of epoch destined to forgiveness –
because it just in this we make savings
munching what is left by the lack of love of self…
my body is still hidden into sterile of a statue, waiting the chisel,
I wait the marking of trails in the nonexistent park…
I wait for the triumphant inauguration…
inside the body loaned for the seconds
the soul wanders like a stray dog…
here, miracles happens only to others
the day goes away from me, I’m a leper…
I have the wounds of the future carved on the face
Give me back the usefulness, the verb to be,
to spin the Earth, somehow, and with me,
I’m sick of to be a satellite of the absence


Sono intrappolato in un guscio di un’epoca destinata al perdono –
perché solo a questo facciamo…

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