valeriu dg barbu

trilingual post: english, italian and romanian

It all started as a sneeze or
as a glance in passing, a gesture unfinished
I left my heart on paper and a wind out of the blue, to closed the copybook…
the lights him pierced towards outward, and since then I have not found peace
the road, before of imminent step, was just of thresholds
in right hand I was holding tight… alive letters of the alphabet
I threw them towards the sky as a sower
I indrawn with both hands, with teeth, of the copybook for to open it,
to catch at least a sign,
to germinate then, in his white earth, a poem or my heart…
any poem is just a reflection of what is written forever up there, in the sky,
so, I was just a sower of shards of mirrors?…


tutto iniziò come uno starnuto o come
uno sguardo…

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