almost an utopia

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian languages

Only love overcomes the gravity
Needless to reinvent abstractions, exclamations, rules,
from our skins to make for Death the new uniforms,
so hoping a bit that she will forget of us

The love washes the sky by the contrails of oblivion
Nothing is free and everything is for nothing
Wherever you go is wandering, the shadow of the wasted salt
one the unloved, of the vain an ornament…

What would be left to do?
When the soul a dry in the expectations, that
to have the claims or …the Time a healer
to lick your wound petrified in denials

You will have the courage to throw you in the fire
to give up the fear, doubt, for do not ask the guarantees
in the deceptive luck for not make greater confidence
and to offer you as a drop of rain in the desert?…

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