a bread

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text: english, italian and romanian

A man pulled me by the sleeve, stopped me,
kissed me on both cheeks and said:
“Thank you … for that you exist,
you are the poet that I imperiously need ,
without you I can not imagine my life, you hurt me, and then
so meticulously you know how lick me the wounds! “- And was about to kiss me on the mouth…
I woke up…
I clothed overalls for work …white as a headache,
and… I went to donate sweat and nerves… – So, I then money
to go to a bakery to embrace liturgically a bread


Un uomo mi tirò per la manica, mi fermò,
mi baciò su l’entrambe guance e mi disse:
“Grazie … per che tu esisti,
tu sei il poeta di cui ho imperiosamente bisogno,
senza di te non posso immaginare la mia vita, mi ferisci, e poi

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