valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text: english, italian and romanian

A woman, young and beautiful, is like a spring morning
in which you believe and let your clothes of winter and you grab a cold to die…
A woman, beautiful and young, is the projection of the thought of each man
Until he falls in love and
undresses this woman by winters, by autumns, by the bare summers
and all that remains is only one season, with every risk – the ideal aspirin is a passionate kiss… –
It means that love is a kind of influence of spring…


Una donna bella giovane è come un mattino di primavera
in cui ti in credi e lasci i vestiti invernali e prendi un raffreddore da morire…
Una donna bella giovane è la proiezione del pensiero di ogni uomo
Fino a quando s’innamora e
spoglia la donna d’inverni, di autunni, la spoglia di estati

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