Letters never sent

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian

We wrote letters about our intact longings and those words
was became beings
We wrote and we forgot to put them in the mail, was enough the intent
From our fingers, that danced from the navel on the sheet, on the air,
were born unjustified torments and dreams
We became the child each other’s
You wanted me your tree under which to you rest a life
I know you a my woman-tree
I… your word, you by me, now, now…
All are sitting in a drawer designed definitively closed
with her lips painfully tightened

lettere mai spediti
Scrivevamo lettere al riguardo delle nostre nostalgie intatti e quelle parole
divennero degli esseri
Scrivevamo e scordavamo di metterli nella posta, bastava l’intento
Dalle nostre dita, che danzava dal ombelico sul foglio, nel aria,
si nascevano ingiustificati tormenti e sogni
Diventavamo ognuno bambino del l’altro
Mi volevi…

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