valeriu dg barbu


this picture is not my work, but I liked a lot and I have shared with you…

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I got a message for you

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian

The smell of the world, the colors of life, you dress – undress you by torments
In you lies the song of the imminent future
You are an instrument tuned to the notes of love,
no longer expect the applauses before, sings…
The world, the life, lives this unique orchestra and
without you it would be something dented like a pain without body or clouds without sky
as a remembrance of nothing pushed to the edge of the universe

Ho un messaggio per te
L’odore del mondo, i colori della vita, ti vestono – svestono dei tormenti
In te si nasconde la canzone del imminente futuro
Tu sei uno strumento accordato per le note d’amore,
non aspettarti prima agli applausi, canta…
Il mondo, la vita, vive questa unica orchestra e
senza di te sarebbe qualcosa intaccato come un dolore senza corpo o nubi senza…

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