Kissy ants swarming on the streets

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian languages

Today, to know the world that you exist, you must shout
to walk with the infatuations in leash, with pedigree certificate
To have grimaces, chosen and matched, for occasional clashes with anonymous,
because everyone else is, inevitably, so
Today, to have a future, you must kill any altruistic intention
remaining, who knows how, through a dusty nook of your enormous Self
Today not is Today, as it was yesteryear
it’s a kind of Tomorrow that is forced grown up, as the chicks breeding,
Just in the streets still it saves the idea of humanity, look,
How many ants crawling pursed lips
How many industrious bumble, pulling in a leash a frisky mask…


Sciamano per le strade formiche pronte a baciare
Oggi, per sapersi che tu esisti, è necessario gridare
Camminare portando al guinzaglio l’infatuazione con certificato pedigree,
Di avere le smorfie, scelte e…

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