Did you know that?

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian languages

the villagers with the nails of the mind deeply rooted, climb up
in the tree of the sky, desiring the fruit free – those in the city
stretch their pantographs – the nose in the plasticized wind
to the cables that lead directly to the vain, necessarily by luxurious
remains common just the whining of the newborn
intact forgot in the belly of each one
arrives the right time to born – where everyone thinks is died

from the shaft of the vain still falls a leaf
and leaves all amazed, as in ,,Did you know that?,,

Lo sapevi che?
paesani con le unghie della mente profondamente radicate si arrampicano
nell’albero del cielo, bramando il frutto libero – quelli della città
allungano i loro pantografi – naso nel vento plastificato
ai cavi che portano direttamente al invano necessariamente di lusso
rimane comune…

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