always the same …something else

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian languages

competing with time, I claim to arrive anywhere the first
I have plucking all the cuckoos from the clocks and laugh – I ad hour exactly
at distance of an error in earlier, and also the last place I found
always busy
from today I want to put me a name of the river
being two-thirds water and the rest of intent
I’ll make of the ambitions a boat
but, all the shores are concentrated in the same dial
this time it, the cuckoos to laugh with roar, how an anchor-secondary
bites me by name
Well, I leave it all behind, and I do by my chest an airport
and again I lose; the time never flies at low cost
not remains than to believe me the wind
that always embraces the forest, and the trees
applaud by the leaves, standing ovation

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