The poem erected (2)

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post: English, Italiano, Romรขnฤƒ

You might believe that all illegitimate children
are conceived through photosynthesis
That you could save the love
putting aside for times of eucharis
That suffice it to say words stereotyped
conventional tender
as the prayers in a hurry
You might believe that all the nerves
are plotting in tune with the virtues
to transform them in some way in the vices
and that being a poet is a kind of disability
as a patient who is suffering from a venereal
or a pencil impaled straight in the spine
a finger always superfluous
You might believe that you could become erect, only sitting, first,
a long time humble in the emptied itself
in the end
we keep the word, even in silence
as of the elastic sticks
to scare away stray dogs of fate
and not to lose ourselves in that wandering on who we going

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