Real life stories – storie di vita – întâmplări din viața reală

valeriu dg barbu

quadrilingual post, translations by me,


The incident occurred in the Indian state of Punjab. Two puppies fell into a well . Their mother ran near the well… and barked constantly, and this has attracted the attention of the owner who has looked into it and was very surprised – after all it was the king cobra, and did not represent any threat to the pups .
In addition, reptile, to care for the puppies, they are not permitted to pass to the other side , where they could drown , the well was full of water there . Animals spent together … the bottom of the well, for almost 48 hours. When help finally arrived by the forest department , cobra crawled to the other end of the shaft. The puppies were not injured and are now well, reptile immediately was taken to the woods and released. Even the most…

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